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Scientifically formulated to fight the toughest odors from pet waste

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My gravel yard smells from two dogs and I've tried everything! then this came and it changed our life! We can now enjoy the yard without burning tons of incense and such. I spray once a week, let it soak, move the gravel around, and it smells like a light fragrance - just pleasant.


When it comes to odor control this is product gets the job done and you are able to see the difference within 24hrs after application. I now can go back to enjoying my backyard again without the lingering dog urine smell.


We mixed this with water and sprayed our concrete basement that the previously owners had let their dog live in. Worked very well. Dog smell is gone. I went over the area with a black light and no traces of urine left.


I have tried everything and this one actually works. I have 5 little dogs that pee a lot, they pee on my turf. It smelled so bad even after pressure washing and sealing it. Of course I was skeptical because I have tried everything. I can’t say enough about how much this product impressed me🐾👍🏻 I can enjoy my backyard finally!


I had my doubts about any of these products. I couldn't believe it but the god awful urine smell in our turf and front yard (sand and dirt) went completely away


We have turf in the back and have previously tried sprays that didn’t really work, but this!! It works great! No odor at all. We have two dogs, a little and a big. Completely took care of the urine smell. Highly recommend.