1. I live in Texas and bought this product thinking I wouldn't get it for a week or more. To my surprise, I got the well packaged box within a few days. So far it works very good! Five Stars!
    Jeanie K
  2. My daughter is a vet student and she is always bringing home animals to foster. We have tried a myriad of inferior enzyme products which is why we had to keep looking until we found PE-51. PE-51 has become my miracle worker in that it is fully effective at eliminating urine odors completely and permanently! PE-51 is concentrated so it is much more cost effective than any other enzyme cleaner I have ever purchased. With so many animals in my life, I am so very happy and grateful to have stumbled upon PE-51. Thank you Zeofill!
    NH Britt
  3. Amazing! I run a dog rescue and also dog sit for several people at my homes. Needless to say, accidents happen at my house from time to time. The most recent was a female chocolate lab, who, apparently has a bladder the size of The Great Lakes. We caught it while it was wet and tried to clean it up with another product, but a strong odor lingered. This time I decided to try something new. I bought PE-51 and it worked & smelt better than the other products. Lets just say - I'm hooked!
  4. I recently used the Product PE-51 and ZEOFILL on my artificial turf to get rid of urine odor from my two dogs and this product works great. I highly recommend this product to anyone experiencing pet odors on their artifical lawn turf.

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